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Gary's Fun Fact Quiz

1. Gary grew up with:
a. six sisters
b. a large raccoon named Roy
c. an imaginary friend named Uhla

2. When Gary was ten years old he:
a. started riding a bike without training wheels
b. learned how to rope steers
c. wrote his first published story

3. Gary won many awards during high school and college for:
a. hog calling
b. storytelling
c. spelling

4. To get national exposure for his book I Heard of a Nerd Bird, Gary:
a. dressed up like a giant bird
b. taught his pet bird to say Nerd Bird
c. was a contestant on three different game shows

5. Gary got the idea for Hair in the Air from:
a. watching his son Jackson play with a wig
b. watching his own hair fall out
c. watching a cat cough up a hair ball

6. Gary's grandpa invented:
a. wedgie proof underwear
b. hoagie sandwich
c. tater tots

7. The first autograph Gary ever signed was for:
a. his fourth grade teacher
b. his mom
c. his dog

8. Gary has always been afraid of:
a. the witch from The Wizard of Oz
b. the dark
c. pumpkin pie

9. Gary got the idea for Let Go of That Toe from:
a. a friend's smelly feet
b. a pet turtle
c. trimming his toenails

10. Gary got the inspiration for Stop That Eyeball! from:
a. a haunted house
b. a plate of spaghetti and meatballs
c. his son Jonah

11. Gary's favorite food is:
a. pizza with anchovies
b. mashed potatoes
c. cake

12. Gary's favorite poem is:
a. Gary Gary Like a Cherry
b. Beans Beans the Magical Fruit
c. Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts



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