How far in advance do we need to schedule Gary?

While most schools schedule Gary months in advance, he doesn’t have a problem with packing his bags and heading out on little notice.

Does the school have to make Gary’s travel arrangements?

Gary does his own booking.

Does the school have to pay traveling expenses?

To minimize travel expenses, Gary typically stays in one area for at least three days. He uses money from books sales during a tour to pay travel expenses. Overseas trips or if he has to fly to a certain area for only one day are exceptions.

Does Gary only work with certain grade levels?

Gary likes his program to be all inclusive when he visits a school. He connects well with all grades and adapts his presentation accordingly.

How many programs can Gary do in one day?

Typically, there is time for around 5 programs. Most schools will schedule a general assembly followed by four or five writing workshops.

How many students can attend a writing workshop?

Gary usually works with an entire grade level at a time. He prefers that they sit on the floor and bring a pencil, paper and a lap board of some sort for a writing surface.

How long are the assemblies and workshops?

40 minutes works best.

Does Gary ever stay at a school for more than one day?

Lots of schools schedule multiple days with Gary. It allows for smaller group sizes and a more personal setting.

Do kindergartners participate?

Kindergartners love the stories that Gary tells. Because of time restraints, most schools include them in the assembly but not the writing workshops. Schools that have Gary for multiple days usually have the time to schedule them for workshop time.

Does Gary autograph books during his visit?

Gary handles all book sales so there is no need for the school to order books from a book store or publisher. Prior to his visit, Gary sends a packet that includes some copies of his books for the school’s collection along with ordering info so that interested students and staff can get books autographed on the day of his visit. It’s simple, low pressure and doesn’t take time out of the assembly or workshops.