Gary’s talent as a professional storyteller combined with his insights as a nationally known author creates the perfect mix of entertainment and education. His energetic style and sense of humor bring the writing process to life for people of all ages.



Gary’s assemblies are 45 minutes of laughing and learning. The stories he tells are hilarious and his writing instruction is specific and practical. Students leave the presentation with an increased enthusiasm for writing and a greater appreciation for their teachers.

Writers Workshops

Gary frequently stays one or multiple days at a school conducting grade level writing workshops. During the workshop every student begins a specific, detail filled composition. Whether students are writing, expository, narrative, descriptive or persuasive, the information Gary provides will improve their writing scores.

Teacher Presentations

Gary feels that teachers are modern day heroes who often don’t get the recognition they deserve. He always takes time to show his appreciation and to remind teachers of their role in every student’s life story. Gary’s writing insights are applicable to current standards and classroom writing needs. He always takes time to answer teachers’ questions and address their specific concerns. His teacher presentations range from 45 minute inservices to half or full day writing seminars.

Family Literacy Nights

These fun filled evenings are some of Gary’s most requested presentations. His entertaining storytelling and helpful remarks inspire parents and students to place a higher value on reading and writing. It’s always a time of celebration when Gary calls students out of the audience to spotlight some of their writing samples.


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