Letter from Student


Letter from TeacherBoy, oh boy!!!  Did you ever make me look good!!!  Everyone loved having you here — students and staff. You are wonderful!  You have such a marvelous gift and you have done a fine job developing and sharing it.  Thank you again for a most delightful two days.
A. G., Chairman Children’s Book Week — Mesa, Arizona

Outstanding assembly! This was one of the very best for students, teachers and parents that we have had in our 15 year history at Christa McAuliffe.
K. R., 1st Grade Teacher

Your program was excellent. We have had several authors talk to our students over the past five years, and by far you are the best. The way you get students excited about writing is outstanding.
B. M., Principal — Bakersfield, California

What a marvelous kickoff for our Young Author’s day. Your ability to integrate the art of storytelling with the importance of writing is marvelous.
C. Y., Reading Specialist — Phoenix, Arizona

Thank you very much for your outstanding presentation at our school. Your insights into writing and writing instruction truly helped our students and staff be excited about writing. We hope to see you again soon.
W. B., Principal — Arvada, Colorado

I wanted to take a minute and personally thank you for the wonderful day you gave our school. The morning assembly was one of the best. The time you spent with the grade levels made a difference in the student’s style along with the teacher’s style of teaching writing. The evening parent workshop was outstanding. We have had so many positive comments from the community.
M. G., Safety Net Instructor — Sammamish, Washington

Thank you so much for a great day. Your presentation and workshops really boosted the excitement of writing around here. I’ve heard nothing but positive comments from teachers and students.
A. S., Assistant Principal — Las Vegas, Nevada

The teachers are continually thanking me for arranging you to visit our campus. You jump started the new school year for us.
M. W., Media Specialist — Phoenix, Arizona

Everyone loved your assembly today. You are great with large numbers of kids! We hope to see you again.
C. W., Teacher — Heber City, Utah

Thanks for sharing your time and talent. The teachers, students and parents are still talking about how great the day was. It was one of the best things we’ve done for our kids.
K. P., Principal — Salt Lake City, Utah

I just wanted to thank you for spending the day with us here at Hubbard. Your enthusiasm, experience, and love for writing were inspirational to all of us. By the way, my kids are hooked on your books. We hope to have you back in the years to come.
S. M., Teacher — Pocatello, Idaho

I would love to have him teach a staff development class. He does a wonderful job relating to kids and getting them excited about reading and writing. My class can’t wait for me to read all his books to them.
M. S., 3rd Grade Teacher

I loved how he wove life lessons into his talk. He touched gently on kindness, compassion, boundaries and goal setting during the writing lessons and the kids respected his knowledge and power. I liked how he related the editing process to video gaming. It was such a perfect analogy that the kids understood. This is the best author presentation I have seen.
L. A., Kindergarten Teacher

The best thing of all to come out of Gary’s visit was that one of my most unenthusiastic readers came to the evening workshop, bought a copy of each of Gary’s books, and is avidly reading them. He is now excited about reading! What a joy it was for me to see that, and of course, his parents are absolutely thrilled. I don’t know who arranged the visit, but it was the best ever!
A. C., 3rd Grade Teacher

What a wonderful presentation! Your message was clear and just right for us to understand, as well as FUN!
K. S., Teacher — Phoenix, Arizona

When you visited my class. I could visibly see you “reach” some of my students that definitely want to disappear when they’re asked to write. We’ve worked on the stories you started with them twice now.
L. S., Teacher — Boise, Idaho


Thanks to you now I like to write stories. I found out it is very fun. I hope that you will come again.
Enoch, 2nd Grade — Kailua, Hawaii

I really enjoyed your hilarious stories and your awesome imagination. You even made my science teacher laugh. He never laughs. I hope you come again.
Rachel, 5th Grade — Loveland, Colorado

I really liked your stories and hope you’ll come again. In the workshop you made us use our heads. Boy was that fun.
Caleb, 6th Grade — Idaho Falls, Idaho